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We can build to order a competitive and effective enterprise grade server, or just find competitive prices for your existing design 

 You won’t find many enterprise servers in our online store. That’s because we don’t like to sell them without being sure it’s the equipment that meets your requirements. If you have some ideas for infrastructure improvement and want to know which equipment is best for the job, our technical specialists can provide customised quotes for any of your hardware and software needs with or without our deployment or ongoing support and warranty services.   That said, if you’re set and have a list of part numbers we’ll happily procure competitive pricing.

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Never lose a product key again. 



Need new equipment but want to pay it off over time, we can help.

We’ve had much experience in the world of finance for business equipment and have even developed some of our own financial products with funders. Our philosophy on finance is not to present any finance terms to our customers that we wouldn’t be comfortable with having committed to in our own business. We have ruled out many, many financial instruments on this basis and hope you’ll enjoy the resulting offering we’ve carefully selected. Rather than contractually obligating it for extended periods though fine print, we hope that you’ll continue enjoying our services as long as you find them valuable.