We offer many IP Telephony systems and services, with each component of our wide offering selected from providers per our primary goal of choosing the highest quality, proven and trusted solutions. Instead of just picking the cheapest solutions, we chose to test and pick the best platforms on which to build and improve our product.


The services we offer relating to IP Telephony are as follows:

On-Premises PBX

For those who have existing server infrastructure and wish to escape the rising costs associated with standard telephone lines, this is the option for you. We can arrange the installation and support of an in-house Private Branch Exchange (PBX) which will allow management of calls as well as conversion to an ip-based telephone system.

Our Software based phone system can replace proprietary hardware systems, allowing you use of existing servers and infrastructure, drastically reducing costs for maintenance and upgrades. Our experience with deployment with our partner systems will ensure that you have the best available call quality, uptime and further reduce time and money spent on making simple changes.

Enable your ongoing telephony expenses to reduce with the use of SIP trunks, VoIP Services, GSM Gateways or even continue with standard PSTN lines. Don’t get confused with all the jargon though, why not let a friendly account manager customise a solution based on your existing situation.


Cloud Based PBX

For those wishing to remove the hassle of a classic copper-based phone line, gain some additional control over your businesses calls but who don't have the required infrastructure for an on-site PBX, we can also host your PBX at one of our many enterprise grade data centres.

How about a solution with the benefits of an On-Premise PBX, but the bandwidth of a world-class data centre? We can configure your new PBX system in one of our servers, allowing easy deployment and continued use by remote staff if your internet is ever congested or down.   With volume in numbers, you’ll also be able to join our network of clients enjoying lower call rates through one of our multi-tenanted systems.  

Video Conferencing

For those seeking to see who they are talking to, regardless of where they are in the world.

Our Clientless, One-Click web conferencing solution harnesses Google’s revolutionary WebRTC technology, allowing your participants to easily join your meeting without the need to download any additional software or plug-ins. This process allows you to host or join a meeting from virtually anywhere from a web connected device whilst maintaining control over bandwidth. We also offer custom on-premise solutions for your meeting rooms, reception areas or satellite offices. Keep up appearances with your staff and customers with the latest technologies and reduce travel costs.


Voice Over IP

As you’re probably aware by now, we don’t do things by halves. We rely on Australia’s leading telecommunications companies in each field to provide segments of the networks crucial to your solution. This includes VoIP systems. There’s nothing more frustrating than a poor quality VoIP line and represents your company’s ability to communicate poorly to your clients. We are constantly reviewing wholesale services and offerings to ensure that our customers have the most cost-effective solution, whilst NEVER compromising on the quality of our service. 


Mobile Solutions

With a range of portable and powerful options, you need never be without access to the things you need to conduct business. 

We believe our mobile voice & data wholesalers are Australia’s leading mobile communications providers in terms of both quality and coverage. Their prompt partner service has been paramount to our first class range of mobility solutions. It’s through these partnerships and their support that we’re able to not only build our business, but gain a reputation for effective ticket & event management on our customer’s behalf. Encryption is becoming more and more important every day with continued enterprise and government spying, surveillance and espionage. If you’re worried about your private data falling into the wrong hands, our Mobile security solutions are second-to-none.