Project Management

Keeping things on track and on-time 

$7.00 an hour for two programmers seems pretty cheap right? We can confirm, however without an experienced project manager keeping your contractors on task, on schedule and providing quality assurance, you might as well invest it in Dick Smith gift vouchers instead. Our support technicians are constantly monitored, should you let us perform your project work, but also are uniquely equipped to engage and monitor outside resources you choose to appoint to perform your tasks. If feel one of your existing ICT projects is coming along poorly or want to better understand expectations for the finished product, ask your account manager about how we can help you get back on track.

Network Deployment

Taking on the planning and implementation of new networks

If you want the job done right, do it yourself, right? Wrong. If it’s best practice you’re after, or even something unique, our deployment team will always treat your network as if it were ours. We maintain the networks we deploy and usually for a fixed monthly cost, which means we’ll always be focused on getting the network right the first time, every time. If you’re setting up a new office, subnet, switch or even Ethernet Connected Coffee Machine make sure to have our seasoned engineers review your project for what they’ll call “Two Cents” but is more commonly known as “years of experience”. Elsewhere, we’ve seen critical networks go down from a single printer plugged into an Ethernet port by an overzealous printer salesperson. Don’t let your bad experience replace that story on this page and give us a call to plan your deployments. 

Security Auditing

Ensuring the protection of your systems through rigorous testing 

In a massive connected world and with technology constantly changing, there’s always a new exploit and someone looking to take advantage of it. Our solutions are not just to protect you, but also your valued customers. Our partner’s auditing software monitors and protects millions of devices from all kinds of threats our customers will possibly never even experience. To be protected from the best, you’ll need the best.   If you’re after some strenuous testing of your security, we’ll be more than happy to wear white hats for your project. 

Asset Deployment

Got a new piece of technology you want installed but are unsure where and when would be best?

 We’ve seen some pretty poorly managed asset registers in our time, however our deployment services don’t stop there. Our asset deployment strategies can assist with reducing ongoing service response times and maintenance requirements for both equipment and software, provide clarity on depreciation and even assist with future insurance and warranty claims. Have you ever had an unexpected bill from a software provider due to overlooked out-of-licence software after an audit? Don’t let it happen again and engage our Technical Specialists to manage and report on your businesses assets and licencing on your behalf.

Data Migrations

Making data moves that much easier

 Do you know what’s more expensive than migrating your critical data into a new system? Getting it wrong. We’ve got access to the leading migration software to perform certain migrations in minutes that could otherwise take months. Our specialists will always backup the old data (and test the backups) before attempting migration to ensure that whether your new system is utilized or not, the old system is not destroyed in the process.   For manual migrations that require expertise and alacrity, why not consider letting our Data Analysts present you with a strategy so you’re sure not to miss a beat.

Technical Support

Regardless of your level of knowledge, we will help 

Can’t get on the line? Or is it more like can’t figure out why the Cisco NAC won’t accept the new SSL certificates and no-one knows the password for the Linux shell to troubleshoot? Whichever technical level you’re at, we’re always here to help guide you through technical difficulties and get you up running smoothly.   Our technical staff are well trained in their specific fields, each has vast general knowledge and are always learning. Being embedded in our industry, we know and can refer leaders from many different technical fields  

Software Development

From requirements analysis to building custom solutions, we can do it all

Companies can often spend more on software solutions than on the hardware it relies. Deployment without an effective strategy is often the most expensive mistake when upgrading core business systems (par with poor data migration). Bungled planning and strategy can result in losses greater than the value of the company, which makes news in some larger organisations but has sent many small businesses to a quiet grave.   We understand the value of getting plugins, customizations and extensions right. If there’s a case for customizing a software package, let us scope and cost it for you. If you prefer, our software engineers can build solutions specific to your requirements so there’s no need to compromise features amongst “off the shelf” options.